I’ve thought about straightening my teeth,
but I really don’t want to wear braces.
What can I do?

Many adults are seeking to improve the alignment of their teeth. Whether you never had the opportunity to wear braces or you had braces and your teeth have drifted back over time, it’s not too late to improve the health and the appearance of your smile.

We completely understand that braces can get in the way of your mature and professional appearance, so we’ve taken the time to investigate alternative options, and we’ve found one that gives great results without the brackets and wires – ClearCorrect. Many patients refer to this system as “clear braces.”

While you are straightening your teeth with ClearCorrect, you’ll wear thin, translucent aligners over your teeth. Over time, the aligners gently and comfortably move your teeth into the proper alignment, which Dr. Gray will determine. Every couple of weeks, you switch to the next aligner in the series (which means the need for frequent “tightening” appointments is eliminated).

What patients like best about the system is that when the aligners are in place on your teeth, they are virtually invisible. Even from up close, most people won’t know you’re wearing the aligner. Since you remove the aligners to eat and to brush your teeth, other hassles associated with traditional braces are also eliminated. You don’t have to worry about changing your diet or attempting to weave floss between wires to keep your teeth clean.

To learn more about this system or find out if you are a candidate, please call our Edmond, OK dental office.