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Dentist Edmond: So you think you can floss?

Flossing is tricky, and as we get into the holidays (with all it’s feasts and sugary food) proper dental care is even more crucial to maintaining healthy teeth. But it seems like we’re always ill prepared to properly floss our teeth. Are we doing it enough? Are we using the right instruments? Why is my dentist still lecturing me about flossing my teeth? I love it when I’m getting my teeth cleaned and the hygienist finishes things off with a good thorough flossing. They can get all the areas in the back that I can’t seem to get myself. Here’s a technique you can try at home to get the same results as when you visit Philip Gray, dentist edmond!

Step 1: Grab some floss, recommended about 18 inches but really just enough to use some clean floss after each tooth.

Step 2: Get the floss between your teeth and up to the gum line, then gently “wrap” your tooth with the floss. Use an up and down zig-zag motion to get all the surfaces.

Step 3: Once your teeth are all clean, rinse your mouth thoroughly to clean out the remaining bacteria from your gums. You don’t want to lose all that hard work by letting the bacteria hang around and get back in your gums do you?

Easy now that it’s been explained right? There are other options available if you still can’t seem to get the flossing right. Water flosser and air flossers can make things easier, as can handheld flossers. There’s even flossers for braces and people with lots of bridges and crown work. Flossing can be hard, but it’s also the most effective way to keep plaque out of your gum tissue and off your teeth in between cleanings! Speaking of which, if your overdue for a cleaning. Gives us a call at 405-330-5458 and schedule an appointment today!

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Flossing Tips From Our Dentist in Edmond

Dentist Edmond: Are You Flossing Properly?

Let’s be honest, flossing properly is actually a bit more tricky than you’d think. Are you doing it properly? Many people wonder whether they are flossing correctly, often enough, and with the correct flossing instrument. If you’re tired of feeling ashamed and getting lectured by your dental hygienist at every dental appointment, this post is for you! It may seem like a daunting task to get your hands all the way in the back or to apply a proper technique, but with some help you may be able to pull it off. Our dentist in Edmond is here to provide you with flossing tips!

Dentist Edmond Tip # 1: Grab about 18-24 inches of floss. This is how much is recommended by the ADA. Put the ends around your index and middle fingers.

Dentist Edmond Tip # 2: Get the floss between the teeth and all the way up to the gum-line. Do not shove the floss as this can cause injury to your gums. Be kind to yourself! Gently “wrap” your tooth with the floss in a “c” shape. Use an up and down and back and forth (or zig-zag) motion to get all those surfaces.

Dentist Edmond Tip # 3: Once all of your teeth are squeaky clean, rinse your mouth very well. After all, you did just clean out a lot of bacteria from under your gums.

This sounds easy enough, right? Our dentist in Edmond knows that not everyone can handle standard floss and if you’re one of those types know that there are lots of other options out there to help you achieve your flossing goals. You may need to consider using handheld flossers, instead.

The technique with these flossers are similar, but it gives you the luxury of not having to struggle getting around those back teeth and hard to reach places. Additionally, all of the major dental companies have created water flossers or air flossers as well. The water and air flossers are easy to use, gentle and incredibly effective. If you have a lot of bridge, crown work, or braces there is a special floss to get around those wires to keep your gums healthy!

Remember, flossing is the most effective way to keep plaque out of your gum tissue and off of your teeth in between your dental cleanings. Research your options and start flossing!

Of course, we love making sure patients have clean teeth with a thorough flossing to finish. If you’re looking to get your teeth cleaned professionally, please feel free to contact us for an appointment by clicking here.