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Digital X-Rays

What is a tooth crown?

Getting a tooth crowned kind of sounds painful, doesn’t it? Just what exactly is a crown, what does it do, and when do you need one? What is a tooth crown? Basically, a crown is a tooth shaped cap designed to cover a tooth. It helps to restore the size, shape, strength, and aesthetic value…

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Edmond Dentist Explains Digital X-Rays Vs. Film X-Rays

Edmond Dentist Providing Digital X-Ray Advantage A lot of people hear the word “x-ray” and they automatically know what our Edmond dentist is talking about, but if you haven’t had x-rays completed in a quite a while you may not be familiar with the new, digital form. What is the difference between film x-rays and…

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The Importance Of Digital X-Rays In Dentistry

Using Digital X-Rays For Dental Care If you’re making it to your regular dental checkups twice a year, your dentist is probably taking x-rays of your teeth fairly regularly. X-rays are one of the main ways that your dentist can diagnose dental problems, and it’s vital towards complete preventative care as well, as it allows…

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