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Dentist Edmond: Beware the effects of pool water on enamal

Dentist Edmond recommends monitoring pH levels in pools

It’s starting to get hotter outside and the pools are close to opening up for the Summer. One of the best ways to cool off during a hot summers day is to relax by or in the pool! Especially if the pool is in your backyard! You may have never considered that the chlorine levels in the water might not be properly balanced. But if they’re not, they can damage the enamel of your tooth. Dentist Edmond is here to share some more information from the New York University of Dentistry about this subject.

A few years ago, Dr. Leila Jahangiri, the clinical associate professor and the chair of NYUCD’s Department of Prosthodontics, spoke about what was found when homeowners attempted to maintain pools of their own. It’s understandable that homeowners would want to save some money by avoiding having to hire professionals to help maintain their pools, it can be dangerous decision. Not having a professional help maintain your pool can often lead to improper pH levels in your water which can, according to Jahangiri, “result in irreversible damage to one’s teeth.”

She also added that “it is difficult balance to maintain home pools properly” and that “proper pool chlorine and pH levels need to be monitored and maintained on a weekly basis.”

Our dentist Edmond knows you might be wondering what a little lab work research could really prove, but rest assured it was more than an educated guess. Jahangiri observed first-hand, in a 52-year old male patient, the effects of improper pool pH levels. His teeth were extremely sensitive and had dark staining and rapid enamel loss over a short, 5 month period. This was a result of his 90 minute swimming exercise routine.

So, before you go diving into the cold, refreshing water in your backyard pool, the dentist Edmond hopes you’ll consider carefully how you plan to maintain proper pH and chlorine levels, for the sake of your pearly whites!

Should you feel the need to have a dental checkup and ensure that things are on the right track with your teeth, don’t hesitate to come and see our Edmond dentist. You may make an appointment with our Edmond dentist at Wallace Family Dentistry by calling 405-340-0411.

If you need a dental checkup, call Philip Gray, DDS, Dentist Edmond today at 405-330-5458 and schedule an appointment!

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Dentist Edmond: Year end dental benefits

Dentist Edmond explains the best way to take advantage of your year end benefits.

The year is winding to an end and many people will be losing out on their dental health benefits. Are you about to lose your benefits? Not using your benefits is a little like having a pile of money, but you can only set it on fire. You wouldn’t ever want to do that. So why would you want to waste benefits that you paid for? Dentist Edmond has 3 reasons to visit a dentist and use your year end benefits.

1.) No Roll-over: Most dental plans allow for a yearly maximum benefit amount per person that you can use. If you haven’t used that allotted benefit, It’s not going to roll-over into the next year. Not using your unused benefits is basically throwing money away. You’ve already paid for the insurance, why not use it?

2.) No New Deductible: If you’ve already paid off your deductible for the year, any additional work you have done will not require additional deductible payments. That’s why it’s important to take advantage of these advantages once you have them. When the new year rolls around, the deductible resets and you’ll have to start paying again.

3.) No Wasted Benefits: Many dental services can be covered by the premiums you pay. Things like screenings, x-rays, cleanings and much more can all be covered. If you’ve already paid your premiums, why not take advantage of them and get the dental services you’ve paid for? Not only is it financially sensible, it’s the bet way to maintain optimal oral health.

By delaying dental treatment you could create the risk of needing more extensive and more expensive treatments later. To help you maximize your insurance benefits, we would love to schedule an appointment for you to see the dentist. The appointment slots will fill up quickly as many patients try to use up their benefits, so don’t wait too long to schedule your appointment.

Not going to the dentist means risking the need for more extensive (and expensive) dental work later. To maximize your insurance benefits, call today and schedule an appointment at 405-330-5458


Dentist Edmond Provides Ideas To Make Dental Visits Enjoyable: Part 2

Dentist Edmond: Helping children have fun

In part one of this series our dentist in Edmond talked about how choosing the right dentist can make a big difference for children to feel comfortable receiving dental care. We also touched on one way to make your child feel good about their good dental hygiene progress with a sticker chart. Today, our dentist in Edmond is going to list 2 more ideas that can help you make dental visits more enjoyable.

As we absolutely love making children and parents realize that coming to the dentist doesn’t have to be so bad, here are 2 more ideas to allow your children to have fun with dentistry.

1.) Allow For Fun Costume Wearing: What could make a visit to the dentist feel like the most fun event possible? Wearing a superhero or princess costume, of course! Consider letting your little ones get creative with their dentist office outfits to make visiting the dentist a blast. They’ll always look forward to tossing on that cape or princess dress when the next check-up comes around!

2.) Plan A Fun Outing Reward: For children that may be beyond the “sticker chart” phase you could take positive reinforcement a step further and offer up a fun outing as reward for your child’s hard work in maintaining great oral hygiene. Fun trips to a museum, indoor play areas, or a trip to the movies could spark interest in your children to brush and floss according to plan!

We know some parents aren’t fans of the dentist, themselves, but that can be changed! In time you will see that our office isn’t like most. We’d love the opportunity to make you and your children feel more comfortable about visiting our family-friendly dentist in Edmond.

If you’d like to make an appointment, please call our dentist in Edmond at 405-330-5458.


Dentist Edmond Provides Ideas To Make Dental Visits Enjoyable: Part 1

Dentist Edmond: Helping children have fun

Our dentist in Edmond loves making children and parents realize that coming to the dentist doesn’t have to be so bad! In fact, we strive to make you forget about the work being done and just relax as much as possible, but there are a few things parents can do to help calm their children prior to coming to the office.

In part one of this series, our dentist in Edmond is going to list 2 ideas to help you make dental visits more enjoyable.

1.) Choose The Right Dentist: First of all, choosing to visit a dentist that actually cares for making small children feel welcome at their office does make a difference in the experience. We’re family oriented and love to take care of families. So, if you or your child is afraid of the dentist, let us take care of you!

2.) Create A “Dental Health Chart”: Making a “good dental health” sticker chart is a good way to positively reinforce your child’s efforts to maintain good oral hygiene. Perhaps, putting a stick to show how well they’ve brushed their teeth or maintained flossing will help prevent those cavities that they’re so afraid of the dentist finding.

Pinterest is a great place to start looking for ideas if you’re not crafty or creative without a jump start!

There’s something terrifying for people about the “unknown”. As patients aren’t able to really see what’s happening in their mouth while at the dentist, it’s possible that this is part of where the fear stems from. Sometimes, children have bad experiences and that turns into grown-ups that hate going to the dentist.

We’d love the opportunity to make you and your children feel more comfortable about visiting our family-friendly dentist in Edmond. If you’d like to make an appointment, please call 405-330-5458.

Dental Visits

The Importance Of Dental Visits

Dental Visits & More

Everyone knows it is vital to brush twice a day and floss at least once a day to maintain good oral health, yet this daily routine isn’t always enough. Even with proper daily oral care it is still important to see your dentist twice a year for cleanings and exams. Dr. Philip M. Gray and his team at Canyon Park Family Dentistry strive to provide those who live in the Edmond, OK area the best in routine dental care and more.

Importance of Cleanings

When brushing and flossing are done regularly, they will help rid your mouth of food particles, harmful bacteria, and plaque build-up. Yet, there are hard-to-reach areas between teeth and at the back of your mouth that may not be getting enough attention. When plaque isn’t removed regularly, it can calcify and become tartar or calculus, which cannot be removed with brushing and flossing alone. In order for tartar to be removed, your dentist must use a specific tool to chip away the hardened plaque for a deep clean.

Tartar works in two ways: demineralizing and eating away at the enamel of your teeth to create cavities and working its way deep within your gum line until it develops into gum disease. Without regular visits, not only will tartar continue to build up, but when it starts to cause major dental concerns you may not see symptoms until it has caused irreparable damage to your teeth and gums. The exams performed during your cleaning appointment will allow your dentist to check for early signs of tooth decay and gum disease so you can work together to reverse them and get your oral health back on track.

Frequency of Dental Visits

While you should never go more than a year without seeing your dentist, it is best to go in for check-ups and cleanings about once every six months. This will help you avoid tartar buildup and give your dentist plenty of time to catch dental concerns as early as possible. If you live in Edmond, OK and would like to learn more about cleanings and exams, please contact our office today to schedule an appointment!