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When are dental crowns necessary?

A dental crown is a prosthetic tooth made out of porcelain. They are used for a number of reasons, but the main reason is to fix broken or decayed teeth. The crown slides over the top of your natural tooth, similar to a stocking cap on your head, and serves as protection for a tooth that is weak.

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What is a tooth crown?

Getting a tooth crowned kind of sounds painful, doesn’t it? Just what exactly is a crown, what does it do, and when do you need one? What is a tooth crown? Basically, a crown is a tooth shaped cap designed to cover a tooth. It helps to restore the size, shape, strength, and aesthetic value…

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See The Dentist, Get Crowns In One Visit!

CEREC: A Single Trip To The Dentist Have you ever needed a crown? Do you remember the entire lengthy process the last time you visited a dentist? A while ago the procedure would have went something like this: The old ways of the first dentist appointment for a crown: The dentist would start by preparing…

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