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Dentist Edmond: So you think you can floss?

Flossing is tricky, and as we get into the holidays (with all it’s feasts and sugary food) proper dental care is even more crucial to maintaining healthy teeth. But it seems like we’re always ill prepared to properly floss our teeth. Are we doing it enough? Are we using the right instruments? Why is my dentist still lecturing me about flossing my teeth? I love it when I’m getting my teeth cleaned and the hygienist finishes things off with a good thorough flossing. They can get all the areas in the back that I can’t seem to get myself. Here’s a technique you can try at home to get the same results as when you visit Philip Gray, dentist edmond!

Step 1: Grab some floss, recommended about 18 inches but really just enough to use some clean floss after each tooth.

Step 2: Get the floss between your teeth and up to the gum line, then gently “wrap” your tooth with the floss. Use an up and down zig-zag motion to get all the surfaces.

Step 3: Once your teeth are all clean, rinse your mouth thoroughly to clean out the remaining bacteria from your gums. You don’t want to lose all that hard work by letting the bacteria hang around and get back in your gums do you?

Easy now that it’s been explained right? There are other options available if you still can’t seem to get the flossing right. Water flosser and air flossers can make things easier, as can handheld flossers. There’s even flossers for braces and people with lots of bridges and crown work. Flossing can be hard, but it’s also the most effective way to keep plaque out of your gum tissue and off your teeth in between cleanings! Speaking of which, if your overdue for a cleaning. Gives us a call at 405-330-5458 and schedule an appointment today!

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Dentist Edmond: Year end dental benefits

Dentist Edmond explains the best way to take advantage of your year end benefits.

The year is winding to an end and many people will be losing out on their dental health benefits. Are you about to lose your benefits? Not using your benefits is a little like having a pile of money, but you can only set it on fire. You wouldn’t ever want to do that. So why would you want to waste benefits that you paid for? Dentist Edmond has 3 reasons to visit a dentist and use your year end benefits.

1.) No Roll-over: Most dental plans allow for a yearly maximum benefit amount per person that you can use. If you haven’t used that allotted benefit, It’s not going to roll-over into the next year. Not using your unused benefits is basically throwing money away. You’ve already paid for the insurance, why not use it?

2.) No New Deductible: If you’ve already paid off your deductible for the year, any additional work you have done will not require additional deductible payments. That’s why it’s important to take advantage of these advantages once you have them. When the new year rolls around, the deductible resets and you’ll have to start paying again.

3.) No Wasted Benefits: Many dental services can be covered by the premiums you pay. Things like screenings, x-rays, cleanings and much more can all be covered. If you’ve already paid your premiums, why not take advantage of them and get the dental services you’ve paid for? Not only is it financially sensible, it’s the bet way to maintain optimal oral health.

By delaying dental treatment you could create the risk of needing more extensive and more expensive treatments later. To help you maximize your insurance benefits, we would love to schedule an appointment for you to see the dentist. The appointment slots will fill up quickly as many patients try to use up their benefits, so don’t wait too long to schedule your appointment.

Not going to the dentist means risking the need for more extensive (and expensive) dental work later. To maximize your insurance benefits, call today and schedule an appointment at 405-330-5458

Patients with sensitive teeth tend to notice the occasional pain while brushing and flossing. Do you have this problem?

Dentist Edmond: Do You Have Sensitive Teeth?

Dentist In Edmond Sharing About Sensitive Teeth 

Have you ever taken a bite of something really hot or super cold and noticed a painful experience? This is only one sign of having sensitive teeth. Eating , drinking, and simple teeth brushing tasks can be challenging for some patients with if they are in this predicament. The truth behind the problem is often revealed in the dentist chair at our Edmond dentist office.

So what could cause sensitive teeth, you wonder? Here are a few issues our dentist in Edmond would look for which could be causing your pain:

  • Cavities
  • A broken tooth or broken teeth
  • Fillings that have been worn down or broken
  • A tooth root that has been exposed
  • Gum disease

Healthy teeth require protection. Luckily, a natural layer of protection, called enamel sits on your teeth, above the gum line, like a barrier. Below the gum line is a layer called the Cementum, this protects your roots. Beneath those layers is another layer called Dentin, which is filled with many small and hollow tubes. When the Dentin is exposed to hot and cold foods like coffee and ice cream that’s when it can impact the root causing you pain.

There are several ways to treat sensitive teeth. Here are a few tips from our dentist in Edmond:

  • Desensitizing toothpaste. The product will dull the sensitivity of the nerve.
  • Fluoride gel. Fluoride Gel is applied in office and helps to strengthen tooth enamel.
  • A crown, inlay or bonding. These can be used to correct flaws with the teeth.
  • Surgical gum graft. An extreme measure but this can help replace lost gum tissue.
  • Root canal. Your dentist may recommend this option if nothing else seems to be working.

Maintaining proper oral hygiene practices are some of the easiest and best ways to prevent sensitivity in your teeth. Preventing the enamel from ever decaying or the gums from receding is the best defense against allowing roots to be exposed.

If you have any questions about how you can improve your dental hygiene just ask our dentist in Edmond. If you’d like to book an appointment with our dentist in Edmond, please feel free to reach out to Philip Gray, DDS at 405-330-5458.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth- dentist Edmond

Dentist Edmond: The Most Common Issue With Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Mesial Impaction Of Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth, also referred to as third molars, normally grow in during late teens and early adulthood. All is well unless one of many problems occur. Today, our dentist in Edmond is discussing one of the most common issues with impacted wisdom teeth and what can be done about it.

To avoid problems, when teeth grow in there has to be proper conditions such as plenty of room to grow, proper alignment, and full eruption to occur. The most common failure, especially for wisdom teeth is due to impaction. This breaks down even further into different types of impacted teeth, but today we’re focusing on mesial impactions, because these happen most often.

So what is a mesial impaction?

Mesial impacted wisdom teeth are simply those that occur when the tops of the teeth have grown in facing forward towards the other teeth in front of them. If one or more wisdom teeth comes in angled too far toward, other problems can occur. The following are signs our dentist in Edmond warns you to be mindful of:

  • Pain in the jaw
  • Swelling around the gums or around the jaw
  • Bleeding gums
  • Bad breath
  • Difficulty opening your mouth
  • An unpleasant taste in your mouth

Although many of the symptoms mentioned could also signify periodontal disease, it’s important to pay attention and have either our dentist in Edmond or your own local dentist remove impacted wisdom teeth to prevent further damage to neighboring teeth. When making an assessment of the level of difficulty that’s expected for an extraction, our dentist in Edmond will pay particular attention to its angulation.

If you have an impacted wisdom tooth or any of the symptoms of one, please don’t hesitate to contact Philip Gray, DDS. Our dentist in Edmond can be reached by calling 405-330-5458.

The Condition Called Thrush- Dentist Edmond

Dentist Edmond: Explanation Of The Condition Called Thrush

Dentist Edmond: Revealing Information On Thrush

Did you wake up one morning and notice a strange, white coating inside your mouth? If so, a condition called thrush may have developed. Today, our dentist in Edmond is going to discuss the symptoms of thrush, how it is normally treated, and how to prevent thrush in the future.

Here’s what our dentist in Edmond would tell you to look for in your mouth to determine the possibility of thrush.

Thrush Symptoms: White, slightly raised areas on tongue, inner cheek, roof of mouth, gums, tonsils, or the back of your throat. You may see curdled looking spots much like cottage cheese. In some cases the areas may be painful and might bleed when you brush your teeth.

What is thrush exactly?

Thrush is an infection caused by the candida fungus, a yeast that can grow and cause rashes. The candida fungus is always present in the mouth, digestive tract, and in the skin and it is necessary, but sometimes other illnesses or disruptions within the body can trigger the overgrowth of the fungus. Smoking, wearing ill-fitting dentures, and having poor dental hygiene are also all reasons candida fungus can grow out of control.

Treatment of thrush can be taken care of in most cases with an anti-fungal medication prescribed by your doctor.

As our dentist in Edmond mentioned earlier, prevention is possible. Prevention begins with good oral hygiene practices including:

  • Brushing your teeth at least twice per day
  • Flossing at least once per day
  • Having dental checkups at least every 6 months
  • Rinsing with antibacterial mouthwash once or twice per day
  • Quit smoking or limit time around smokers
  • Treat chronic health issues
  • Limit foods with sugar and yeast

It’s important to note that anyone can get thrush, but it happens most for those with vulnerable immune systems. Take care of your body and your oral hygiene for best prevention! To have a dental checkup and make sure you’re in the clear, please feel free to contact our dentist in Edmond.

Philip Gray, DDS can be reached by calling 405-330-5458.

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Dentist In Edmond Says Limit These Seasonal Treats For Dental Health

Dentist In Edmond: For Dental Health Cut Treats

When the fall comes there are plenty of seasonal treats to be had and it can be tempting to overdo it. While occasional treats for yourself may not be terrible, if you’re properly caring for your teeth afterwards, going crazy with certain treats will cause problems. Our dentist in Edmond would like to point out just a few treats to limit this season.

Candy: With Halloween coming up quickly, it is obvious there will be candy choices in many places. The high sugar content feeds bacteria in your mouth, producing acid that will harm your teeth. The enamel will be eaten away by this acid and that isn’t goo, because enamel is what protects your teeth!

Dried fruits: Some seasonal salads and parfaits make use of dried fruits, which are usually sweetened. Once again the culprit in these treats is the sugar content.

Pumpkin spiced coffee: Oh, we know how delicious pumpkin beverages are and how addicting stopping for a coffee every morning can be. Coffee itself is very acidic already and then adding in the extra sugar and syrup flavors can lead to higher risk of cavities, gum disease, and damage to enamel.

These are just 3 major categories of treats that are popular at this time of year. If you can think of anything that has tons of sugar, it’s probably best to limit the intake of said food for the sake of healthy teeth.

The true bottom line is that our dentist in Edmond encourages patients to be wise about their food choices and pay attention to how much sugar is being consumed.

As always, we care about keeping your smile as bright and healthy as we possibly can. To book an appointment with our dentist in Edmond, please contact Philip Gray DDS at 405-330-5458.

Autumn- Dentist in Edmond

Dentist Edmond: Encouraging You To Maintain Autumn Dental Health

Dentist Edmond: Sticking To Fall Dental Health Routine

There’s something wonderful about the autumn that makes people want all those seasonal comfort foods and a lot of them of a full of sugar! As you’re sipping on your pumpkin spice latte or enjoying those pumpkin cookies, cake, or pancakes drenched in syrup, just remember that the enjoyment of those foods adds an extra risk of tooth decay. With that being said, our dentist in Edmond encourages you to maintain your autumn dental health routine!

Some people may be inclined to want to hibernate a bit more during these months and skip out on going to the dentist. Others will be so busy with seasonal activities that they, too, will skip visiting the dentist. Don’t let your teeth suffer as a result of enjoying the fall festivities and yummy fall foods.

At the very least our dentist in Edmond would recommend bringing along your toothbrush and toothpaste if you’re going to be out and about longer than usual. Remember that it is recommended for you to brush your teeth at least twice daily for 2-3 minutes each time and to floss at least once per day.

If you feel like you just can’t say no to sugary foods or pumpkin spiced everything, because it only comes around once a year, then our dentist in Edmond would suggest making sure that you brush your teeth as quickly as possible after consuming such food items. This is suggested, because the longer sugar sits in your mouth on your teeth, the more chance it has to produce acids which cause cavities.

Our dentist in Edmond doesn’t want you to miss out on your seasonal favorites, but instead to simply be mindful of how much snacking you are doing and brush those teeth afterwards.

As always, we care about keeping your smile as bright and healthy as we possibly can. To book an appointment with our dentist in Edmond, please contact Philip Gray DDS at 405-330-5458.

Peridontal Pockets- Dentist In Edmond

Dentist Edmond: An Inside Look At Periodontal Pockets

Dentist Edmond: Providing Insight About Teeth & Gums

During a routine examination, our dentist in Edmond will be on the lookout for anything out of the ordinary. One of these things may be periodontal pockets which can develop around teeth at times.

You may wonder if these periodontal pockets are something to be concerned about and that’s why we are discussing a little more about what they are and what you should do to prevent them from happening in to your gums.

First, our dentist in Edmond wants you to know what healthy teeth and gums appear like to us. When we see healthy gums around teeth they are pink in color, firm tot he touch, and fit tightly around the teeth. Healthy gums do not bleed when you brush your teeth or eat hard foods and they haven’t receded above the normal gum line.

Now, our dentist in Edmond will share what indicates the formation of periodontal pockets. This problem occurs when the gum tissue is more than three millimeters in depth, or appear as deep spaces around teeth. If you’re experiencing any plaque build-up, ongoing bad breath, bleeding, red and swollen gums or you see that some of your gums have pulled away from your teeth, these are all signs of the start of gum disease which are also all reasons these pockets appear.

When this happens it is important to allow our dentist in Edmond to thoroughly exam your mouth to make sure nothing else is taking place. Also, the dentist will be able to remove hardened plaque (also referred to as tartar) during teeth cleanings to prevent continuation of gum disease which can soon follow after periodontal pockets appear. Removing this plaque can help the gums to heal and tighten again.

If you would like to make an appointment with our dentist in Edmond, please contact Philip Gray DDS by calling us at 405-330-5458.

Why You Should Choose Sugarless Gum - Dentist Edmond

Dentist Edmond: Why You Should Choose Sugarless Gum

Dentist Edmond: How You Can Chew Gum And Prevent Cavities

Some people like to chew gum as a way to prevent snacking on other things they shouldn’t be eating, to help kick their smoking habit, or perhaps it’s just a habit to chew gum. No matter what your reason for wanting to chew gum, you probably don’t want to cause your teeth to decay, right? Our dentist in Edmond says that it’s possible to enjoy chewing gum, as long as you do it responsibly.

If you only like chewing gum for the sugar rush, you’re in trouble! If you care more about your dental hygiene, then consider that many brands of gum are full of sugar. This is not good for your teeth as the sugar is utilized by plaque bacteria in one’s mouth to produce acids which does damage to the protective layer on your teeth, or enamel. When the enamel is no longer intact it leads to cavities and other potential dental problems. Our dentist in Edmond has seen this happen!

So what can you do? Opt for sugarless gum, instead.

Some clinical studies have shown that chewing sugarless gum for 20 minutes after eating a meal can help prevent tooth decay, or cavities. Sugarless gum also helps to increase saliva in the mouth to wash away food and debris.

Here’s why having a healthy amount of saliva matters:

  • It can neutralize the acids produced by bacteria in your mouth.
  • It can help fight diseases in the mouth.
  • Increased saliva provides more calcium and phosphates (to strengthen enamel on teeth).

Our dentist in Edmond agrees with the promise that the American Dental Association (ADA) forth in that their products follow safety guidelines. So, when you are looking for a sugarless gum brand in the grocery store, seek out the ADA seal on the label as their approved gums will contain less harmful sweeteners instead of sugar such as; aspartame, xylitol, sorbitol, and mannitol.

With that being said, our dentist in Edmond also suggests maintaining a daily brushing, flossing, and rinsing routine to ensure that your teeth remain as clean and healthy as possible. It’s best to use a fluoride toothpaste and brush at least twice per day for best results. Additionally, flossing between your teeth at least once per day is recommended.

Philip Gray DDS New Office Building- dentist in Edmond

Dentist Edmond: Come Visit Us At Our New Location!

Dentist Edmond: We Have Officially Moved!

Dr. Gray and his team have been so excited about the development of our new office building which began late 2016 and it has finally been completed. Each month we watched in anticipation as progress was made and with each passing month we got a little happier. Here’s a bit of a review of the progress that was made from the start to the completion of the project:

  • The construction to clear the land began the first week of November, 2016
  • We broke ground the second week of November, 2016
  • The concrete slab was poured in January, 2017
  • The parking lot was done by February, 2017
  • The exterior framework was up by March, 2017
  • The outside and the inside started coming together by June, 2017
  • The interior walls were being closed up by July, 2017
  • We were ready to move in at the end of August, 2017

It may seem like it has taken a long time, but in reality it has gone rather quickly and, honestly, we couldn’t be more thrilled about how it has all turned out.

Dr. Gray and the team have had the craziest last few weeks trying to pack and get the new place ready for all of our patients! Moving to this new office is such a transition for us, but we are delighted to have expanded and put in upgrades which will help us serve our patients even better. Whether you’re a new patient or an old one, if you’re looking for us in Edmond, never fear! We haven’t left you, we’re just in a new spot and we’re just about ready to start this new chapter.

If you’ve followed our dentist in Edmond, then you may already know all of this, but just in case you need it our new address is:

1617 E. Danforth Road
Edmond, OK 73034

Our projected opening date at the new place is on September 11th, 2017 and we hope to see your smiling faces there! To make an appointment with our dentist in Edmond, please feel free to give Dr. Gray’s team a call at 405-330-5458!