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Dentist Edmond: Providing 2 Options For Teeth Whitening

Dentist Edmond: Teeth Whitening That’s Simple

Do you want whiter teeth? Of course, who doesn’t want white teeth? There are many reasons why people choose teeth whitening during the summer. Some of those activities include weddings, reunions, or important job interviews. Depending on how much time you have on your side, our dentist in Edmond has 2 options which are both effective in giving you a brighter smile.

Dentist Edmond Option #1- In-Office Teeth Whitening:

When you need to have whiter teeth right away, in-office teeth whitening is the perfect solution. In just one session your teeth could already look brighter! Most importantly, the teeth whitening treatment is safe and comfortable. Plus, you’ll have the added benefit of having the entire process overseen by dental professionals.

Dentist Edmond Option #2- Take-Home Teeth Whitening Kit

If you don’t need immediate results and have time to do so, you can try out the take-home kit provided by our dentist in Edmond. Unlike store bought products, our dentist will create customized trays that fit your teeth perfectly, giving you flawless whitening.

You might believe it would be easier or cheaper to buy over-the-counter strips, but the truth is that for most people, these products don’t really work. Due to over-the-counter teeth whitening products containing much lower concentrations of whitening agents than our professional tooth-whitening system you would, potentially, have to repeatedly utilize over-the-counter products for several times a day and for several weeks.

In some cases, it has been reported that most people don’t see significant improvements in color change until after 45 days of using the store bought teeth whitening kits. By the time you buy all the product you need to cover that time span, you could have just had professional treatment done safely and quickly!

Don’t wait so long! Our dentist in Edmond would love to help you achieve the whitest smile!

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Maintaining Your Bright Smile After Teeth Whitening

What To Do After Teeth Whitening

If you’ve recently had your teeth whitening procedure completed then you may be wondering what you can do to maintain that bright white smile. It’s summer and whether you just wanted a pearly white smile for self-confidence or to show up to some event looking your best, the last thing you want to do is see discoloration in the mirror. Today, our Edmond dentist is talking about simple tips you can follow to keep that smile bright after your teeth whitening.

1.) Brush & Floss Daily: It seems so simple to say this, but brushing and flossing every day will help you keep your teeth stain-free. At a minimum, you should brush your teeth after breakfast and once before bed. If you can, carry a toothbrush with you to work or out during your activities and try to brush after lunch, too.

2.) Limit Staining Beverages: If it is within you will to do so, our Edmond dentist would recommend avoiding coffee, tea, wine, sports drinks or fruit juices that can cause tooth discoloration. If complete avoidance is not a 100% possibility, limiting the intake of these beverages will help maintain your smile. Rinsing with water after consuming these drinks can reduce stains from settling.

3.) Visit Your Dentist: As an added bonus, visiting with your Edmond dentist for regular checkups is a great way to keep your summer smile looking its very best. Our Edmond dentist or hygienist will be able to polish away any surface stains with regular teeth cleanings. This can save you the cost of having to whiten your teeth again.

Our Edmond dentist takes pride in helping people achieve their whitest smiles. If you haven’t had a checkup since your last teeth whitening, we’re here for you! Call our office today to schedule your next appointment with Edmond dentist, Dr. Philip Gray. We can be reached at (405) 330-5458 or you can contact us online by clicking here.