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Dentist Edmond: About Dental Health For Diabetic Patients

Dentist Edmond: Information For Diabetic Patients

Dental patients who have diabetes will know that the disease will harm the heart, eyes, nervous system, kidneys, and most other organ systems in the body. The thing many people don’t know is that it can also lead to problems in your mouth. Today, our dentist in Edmond is here to share more about dental health for diabetic patients.

Having diabetes means that you have to take extra care of your body, this includes your mouth. People with diabetes are at a great risk for periodontal or, gum disease and some mouth infections.

Periodontal disease will typically damage the gum and bones of the jaw that hold our teeth in place. Once damaged, the sore or infected tissue can lead to pain while chewing or talking. Series gum disease can even lead to some patients losing their teeth. Periodontal disease can also make it difficult for a patient to control their blood glucose or blood sugar.

A common problem our dentist in Edmond has seen is the issue of patients having dry mouth. The symptom of dry mouth can sometimes be due to diabetes and it can cause soreness, tooth decay, and ulcers.

As an important side note, people who smoke will have a harder time keeping gum disease in check as smoking makes the problem worse.

The question patients often ask of our dentist in Edmond is: “What can I do?”

Here’s the answer provided by our dentist in Edmond! Start by trying to control your blood glucose, or blood sugar, as this is the biggest factor in preventing mouth problems.

Furthermore, patients who neglect blood glucose control will often get gum disease with a higher frequency than patients who control their diabetes. The severity of the infection is often higher in patients who don’t practice good blood sugar control. The best defense is often a good offense and in the case of gum disease it’s true. Daily and even twice daily brushing can help keep gum disease away in patients with diabetes.

If you’re in need of dental care or you have any questions about how to care for your oral hygiene, please feel free to contact our dentist in Edmond. The office of Philip Gray DDS can be reached at 405-330-5458.

Ice Cubes- Dentist Edmond

Dentist Edmond: Problems With Being Addicted To Eating Chewing Ice

Dentist Edmond: Actively Maintaining Dental Health

As the summer temperatures begin to soar higher it’s understandable that you would want a refreshing treat. With that being said, our dentist in Edmond, Philip Gray DDS, encourages you not to resort to eating ice to beat the heat! You may find it easy to starting munching on ice after downing a cold beverage of choice and before you even realize what you’re doing a habit could be formed. As delightful as the crunch of ice can be, there are unavoidable dangers for your dental health if you become addicted to eating ice.

Eating ice in shaved ice pieces (like snow cones) may seem relatively harmless, but it can have a long-term harmful repercussions on teeth. Dr. Gray, your dentist in Edmond has seen the dental damage that can happen as a result of patients eating ice.

Here is a list of problems that Dr. Gray, your dentist in Edmond has noticed in patients who have developed the habit of eating ice:

  • Chipped teeth
  • Cracked teeth
  • Damage to tooth enamel (increasing risk of cavities)
  • Chipped dental fillings
  • Broken crowns
  • Increased sensitivity to hot or cold drinks

Dr. Gray, your dentist in Edmond suggests that if you truly crave ice that you see your primary physician for a physical checkup as this could be a sign of anemia. It is often recorded that people with this condition crave ice cubes as a coping mechanism. Of course, it’s entirely possible to just become addicted to the habit without having an underlying health problem, but it’s always safe to be rule out health problems, first. Those with anemia usually stop having the craving for ice once the problem is corrected.

If you can kick the habit on your own, Dr. Gray, your dentist in Edmond suggests that you try sucking on something like an all-natural, homemade fruit popsicle for a healthier alternative to eating old ice chunks and as an added bonus there wouldn’t be added sugar or calories of store-bought popsicles. Furthermore, regular visits to the dentist for routine dental care is fundamental to reduce and repair damage that may have been caused by eating ice!

If you’d like to make an appointment, please feel free to contact Philip Gray DDS at 405-330-5458. We’d love to help you actively maintain your dental health!


Effects Of Cigarettes And E-Cigarettes On Dental Health

The Dental Health Dilemma For Smokers

Imagine the industries that have realized the financial loss thanks to the introduction of e-cigarettes. As people made the switch to e-smoking they no longer needed to pay for actual cigarettes nor did they need patches, nicotine gum, pills, etc. Since the invention of e-cigarettes controversy has circled around whether they are truly better for dental health. Today, our Edmond dentist is talking about the known differences between the impacts of cigarette smoke and e-cigarettes on dental health.

Traditional Cigarettes: The smoke (more specifically the chemicals like ammonia, carbon monoxide, and acetone) from traditional cigarettes causes discoloration of the teeth. Most people notice that the residue sticks to the teeth and creates a yellowish tint. Other long-term smokers may have light shades of brown on their teeth. Additionally, plaque buildup, bad breath, and cancer are all negative side effects of the smoke from traditional cigarettes.

E-Cigarettes: With e-cigarettes you don’t inhale smoke, but instead a vapor. The vapor doesn’t have the same harmful chemicals that a traditional cigarette contains. Being void of these chemicals means that e-smokers won’t notice any teeth discoloration, plaque buildup, or bad breath. E-cigarettes also allow the user to adjust their level of nicotine. It should be noted that should you choose to use nicotine in your vapor mix, you will still be subject to the same inability to produce saliva. This common side effect of nicotine causes smokers to have bacteria buildup, dry mouth, and tooth decay.

At this time, no other studies have proven that e-cigarettes cause any other dental health problems. Of course, as your Edmond dentist we’ll always recommend that you don’t smoke at all, but weighing the pros and cons here it would seem that e-cigarettes appear to be a safer alternative. Know the risks and trust your judgement. Our Edmond dentist wishes you a lifetime of good dental health!

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