Effects Of Cigarettes And E-Cigarettes On Dental Health

The Dental Health Dilemma For Smokers

Imagine the industries that have realized the financial loss thanks to the introduction of e-cigarettes. As people made the switch to e-smoking they no longer needed to pay for actual cigarettes nor did they need patches, nicotine gum, pills, etc. Since the invention of e-cigarettes controversy has circled around whether they are truly better for dental health. Today, our Edmond dentist is talking about the known differences between the impacts of cigarette smoke and e-cigarettes on dental health.

Traditional Cigarettes: The smoke (more specifically the chemicals like ammonia, carbon monoxide, and acetone) from traditional cigarettes causes discoloration of the teeth. Most people notice that the residue sticks to the teeth and creates a yellowish tint. Other long-term smokers may have light shades of brown on their teeth. Additionally, plaque buildup, bad breath, and cancer are all negative side effects of the smoke from traditional cigarettes.

E-Cigarettes: With e-cigarettes you don’t inhale smoke, but instead a vapor. The vapor doesn’t have the same harmful chemicals that a traditional cigarette contains. Being void of these chemicals means that e-smokers won’t notice any teeth discoloration, plaque buildup, or bad breath. E-cigarettes also allow the user to adjust their level of nicotine. It should be noted that should you choose to use nicotine in your vapor mix, you will still be subject to the same inability to produce saliva. This common side effect of nicotine causes smokers to have bacteria buildup, dry mouth, and tooth decay.

At this time, no other studies have proven that e-cigarettes cause any other dental health problems. Of course, as your Edmond dentist we’ll always recommend that you don’t smoke at all, but weighing the pros and cons here it would seem that e-cigarettes appear to be a safer alternative. Know the risks and trust your judgement. Our Edmond dentist wishes you a lifetime of good dental health!

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2 Summertime Habits That May Damage Your Teeth

Protect Your Teeth By Avoiding These Things

Summertime is a great time for getting together with friends and just celebrating time in the outdoors. With all this outdoor activity, you’ll most likely need to drink more fluids. It’s just a matter of how you go about it that makes a difference. There are some harmful habits that could damage your teeth. Today, our Edmond dentist is playing “devil’s advocate” here and listing some of the things you may need to avoid for so that you can protect your teeth.

1.) Opening Bottles: Adults that like to enjoy cold, crisp beer on a sunny summer afternoon may be inclined to open that bottle with their teeth. Remember your children pick up on your habits and they are just as likely to do this with old-fashioned soda bottles. Why is this harmful? Well, aside from the overall health repercussions of drinking either beer or soda, when you use your teeth to open a bottle it can cause your teeth to crack, chip, break, and create openings for decay. Of course, should you have a dental emergency, our Edmond dentist would be happy to take care of you.

2.) Crunching Ice: If you’re not drinking out of a bottle, chances are you’re drinking something with ice in it. Why not, right? It’s hot outside and an ice-cold drink hits the spot, but don’t be tempted to chew on the ice when you’re finished guzzling that drink. Ice munching can cause cracked and chipped teeth, damage to tooth enamel, as well as problems with existing dental work such as fillings and crowns. This habit has actually been linked to

Treatment options for a cracked or broken tooth may vary depending upon the severity of the issue. For temporary relief from any pain our Edmond dentist may recommend rinsing your mouth out, brushing the area well, and flossing to prevent debris from wedging down into any open spaces or your gums. Ibuprofen or a cold compress may help to ease the pain, but ultimately your best bet is to schedule an appointment with the dentist as soon as possible.

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Dental Fears 2- Edmond Dentist

Edmond Dentist Shares Tricks For Overcoming Dental Fears: Part 2

Afraid Of Visiting Our Edmond Dentist?

A lot of people interchange the words “anxiety” and “phobia”, but according to studies by medical professionals, these two are very different. As we discussed in part one of this series, patients with anxiety may be able to live with their uneasiness whereas those with a phobia of visiting the dentist may not even be able to step foot in the office due to sheer terror. In part one of this series, we shared 2 tricks for overcoming the fear of visiting the dentist. Our Edmond dentist hopes that by sharing a few more tricks it may help you overcome your dental fears.

# 1- Relaxation: First of all, if the thought of the dentist sends a shiver down your spine then go ahead and speak up! Our Edmond dentist does offer sedation to help you relax. While numbing can take place in areas that the dentist will be working on, the sound of the drill can be bothersome to some patients. If that’s you, feel free to wear ear plugs. Lastly, practice breathing exercises through your nose for a count of 4 breaths in and 4 breaths out. This will help prepare you for breathing through your nose, with your mouth open.

# 2- Information: When you don’t know what something is or what it means it can seem more intimidating. If you’ve been told about a procedure that you are unfamiliar with, feel free to ask plenty of questions. If you have time before the procedure, take that time to do some research on the subject as it may help diminish your fear of the unknown.

So, in part one of this series, our Edmond dentist provided tips on using your imagination and using self-motivation techniques. Now, we’ve talked about relaxation and gathering information about dental procedures. Our Edmond dentist would like you to understand that the longer you put off going to the dentist, the more involved your appointment may be. As we stated in part one of this series, we are here to help you through every step of the way. The dentist will answer any questions you may have and the staff will be understanding of your anxiety or phobia.

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Dental Fears 1- Edmond Dentist

Edmond Dentist Shares Tricks For Overcoming Dental Fears: Part 1

Afraid Of Visiting Our Edmond Dentist?

Anxiety is something a lot of people live with on a daily basis and, generally, people can work through their anxiety issues to still perform tasks even when they don’t want to. People with a phobia, on the other hand, can be so terrified that they feel panicked beyond a general uneasiness and in severe cases they completely shut down. Did you know some people have a phobia when it comes to visiting the dentist? Perhaps you’re one of them. Whether you avoid the dentist due to anxiety or a phobia, our Edmond dentist hopes that by sharing a few tricks it may help you overcome your dental fears.

# 1- Imagination: The first trick to try involves using your imagination. Try to distract yourself by daydreaming of your perfect vacation getaway, whether that be on a beach somewhere and listening to the sound of the waves roll in or walking the streets of Paris, France while smelling the freshly baked breads.

# 2- Motivation: Give yourself a pep talk much like a football coach would do with their players before they enter the most intense game of the season! Tell yourself how strong and awesome you are and that you can handle anything that comes your way.

These are just two simple tricks you can try to use to help yourself get over the fear of visiting the dentist. In part two our Edmond dentist will be going over two more simple tricks you may be able to find useful, but we’d also like to leave you with a nugget of information in closing. Our Edmond dentist would like you to know that when you visit our office, our staff and the dentist himself will ALWAYS be certain to do what we can to put you at ease. If you have 100 questions, we’ll do our best to answer them all, never making you feel rushed, and walking you through every procedure.

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Edmond Dentist- Extractions

Edmond Dentist Offering Safe Extractions or “Tooth Removal”

Visit Our Edmond Dentist For Tooth Safety

How many times have you seen a parent wrap a string around a wiggly tooth of their child and slam the door shut to pull the tooth out? Most of us have only seen this done on old television shows, but a rare few have tried it at home. The truth is that there is a lot to consider when it comes to performing a safe extraction or “tooth removal”. In fact, if the situation isn’t ideal, you could wind up with an even bigger problem by trying to pull your own tooth out at home. Our Edmond dentist staff is here to explain a little more about that, today.

With children, teeth can become loose more easily as they grow, but when it becomes loose it isn’t always the best time to remove it. A baby tooth could be abscessed and require further attention. If an adult has loose teeth it could be a sign of a severe gum disease. Trying to remove it from home could cause more harm, because there is a chance only pieces of the tooth would come out.

Visiting our Edmond dentist not only offers you a more gentler method of tooth removal or extraction, but it also provides a level of safety. After determining that extraction is the best option, the dentist will work on removing the tooth in question. Saying that we’d be “pulling” a tooth is actually not a valid statement in that our Edmond dentist doesn’t just grab a pair of pliers and yank away.

On the contrary, he will begin by numbing the area so that you, the patient, can feel completely at ease. Next, the dentist will work on loosening the fibers that hold the tooth in the jaw. With wiggling motions or wedging an instrument between the tooth and the bone, the tooth will allow the jaw to “give” a little. Within minutes you can be free from the tooth.

Whether you’re in pain or your child has a tooth that is ready to come out and make way for adult teeth, don’t wait longer than you need to! More importantly, never feel like you have to risk the safety of yourself or your child by trying to extract a tooth on your own! To book an appointment with our Edmond dentist, please call 405-330-5458 or click here.

Edmond Dentist-Xray

Edmond Dentist Explains Digital X-Rays Vs. Film X-Rays

Edmond Dentist Providing Digital X-Ray Advantage

A lot of people hear the word “x-ray” and they automatically know what our Edmond dentist is talking about, but if you haven’t had x-rays completed in a quite a while you may not be familiar with the new, digital form. What is the difference between film x-rays and digital x-rays, anyway? Our Edmond dentist and staff have the answer and today, we’re talking a little bit about the two types of x-rays to help you have a better understanding.

Let’s start with film x-rays. The film x-ray dates all the way back to 1895 when it was discovered by a German physicist by the name of Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen. Like old film from a camera, the x-ray film would have to be treated in a darkroom. This is why it would often take a longer period of time before doctors were able to obtain the results.

Next up, we’ll shed some light on digital x-rays. The new digital x-rays didn’t come around until 1987 when an inventor in France, Dr. Francis Mouyen, brought the technology to life in a radiography system called RadioVisioGraphy. Of course, since then technology has made leaps and bounds to bring us to the x-rays our Edmond dentist uses, today. What’s so wonderful about utilizing the new method is that patients no longer have to wait hours or days to receive information. The images are almost instantaneously transmitted to a monitor for the dentist to view.

This means that you get to spend much less time at your appointment. In addition, having instant photo documentation, in a computer, of your teeth means that our Edmond dentist doesn’t have to maintain bulky storage files and your information is kept safer! Our Edmond dentist values your time and privacy, therefore; we are more than happy to use the faster, safer digital x-ray option.

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Edmond Dentist- Harmful 2

These 4 Things Are Harmful To Your Teeth: Part 2

Are Your Teeth Suffering?

Whether it’s sticky, chewy, or hard candy most people know that eating it can be damaging to their teeth. In addition, drinking soda is often the second thing that comes to mind when people think about what may be harmful to the enamel on their teeth. You don’t have to put a spoon full of raw sugar in your mouth to feel the impact from sugar. In fact, sugar is an ingredient inside many things that can cause harm to your teeth. We’ve already discussed 2 harmful things in part one of this series. Today, in part two of this series, our Edmond dentist will be talking about 2 more things that are harmful to your teeth.

(1.) Chewable Vitamins: Whether you decide to choose gummy vitamins or chewable tablets, you should know that they are chock-full of sugar. Sure, it makes it easier to get your kids or maybe even yourself to take vitamins. Is it worth the sugary build-up on your teeth? Unless you’re going to remember to brush your teeth directly afterwards it may be best to avoid these sugar-filled vitamins to avoid cavities.

(2.) White Wine: Most people think that choosing white wine in place of red wine is a safer alternative as it won’t leave stains on their teeth. What they don’t realize is that it leaves sugar behind instead. This then turns to acid and if you leave this high acidity substance on your teeth for too long, you’ll be saying goodbye to your enamel.

Aside from avoiding food and drink items that you love so dearly, brushing regularly can help! Don’t forget about getting teeth cleanings, too! For your brightest smile, our Edmond dentist and dental hygienists are available to provide you with professional teeth cleanings. Visiting our Edmond dentist for teeth cleanings is easy. Keep your smile protected and safe from harm!

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Edmond Dentist- Harmful

These 4 Things Are Harmful To Your Teeth: Part 1

Are Your Teeth Suffering?

By now it’s common sense to most people that sugary treats like soda and candy aren’t great for the enamel on teeth. What many people fail to realize is that sugar settling on teeth doesn’t just happen from eating too much candy or drinking too many carbonated drinks. In fact, sugar residing in many popular foods, sauces, and even vitamins can cause harm to your teeth. Today, in part one of this series, our Edmond dentist will be talking about 2 out 4 things that are harmful to your teeth.

(1.) Juices: Yes, you probably already know all about the dangers of sugar content found in concentrated juices found on most grocery store shelves, but have you stopped to think about home-made juices? Juicing is a popular remedy for weight loss or “juice fasting, ” especially during the summer months. Juicing can be great for obtaining vitamins, but beware of the fruits and vegetables that are packed with sugar! They leave grime on your teeth and the grime turns to acid. This causes erosion of the enamel on your teeth.

(2.) Sauces: Barbecue sauce, Pasta sauce, and Teriyaki sauce are all tasty additions to many dishes, but the majority of these bottled sauces have just as much sugar per serving as a candy bar! Nothing will ruin your next cookout or party more than tooth decay. Go easy on the sauce to avoid some serious damage to your teeth and brush your teeth as quickly as possible to avoid leaving the sugary sauce on your teeth for too long.

Don’t forget that in addition to brushing regularly, in depth teeth cleanings can be helpful to keep your smile bright. Our Edmond dentist and dental hygienists are highly skilled at performing professional teeth cleanings. Visiting our Edmond dentist means that you’ll get treated with professional tools which ensures that your tarter build up can be removed to prevent ongoing gum disease.

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To know more, stay tuned for part 2 of this series!

Dentures- Edmond Dentist

Edmond Dentist Offering Modern Dentures

Edmond Dentist: No More “One Size Fits All” Dentures

Having several missing teeth can certainly change the way you feel about your appearance and those missing teeth impact your life in ways you may not have considered. You may not feel comfortable smiling, but more importantly having missing teeth can cause you to neglect your dietary needs. If you are unable to chew properly, you’re probably going to forget about eating a lot of solid foods. If you’ve avoided getting dentures in the past, because you were worried that they would look unnatural, worry no more! Now, our Edmond dentist can offer you attractive, modern, and comfortable denture options!

What makes modern dentures more lifelike?

Thanks to the advances in dentistry over the last few years, our Edmond dentist can design a pair of dentures to match your tooth coloration and provide you with a tighter fit. Furthermore, the shape can be made to contour your features in the most natural way possible. Outsiders looking in on a new set of, modern dentures will never notice that their “fake”, because not every tooth is overly perfect like they would be in an older set of dentures. New dentures are made to reflect light like enamel from a regular tooth to provide a more realistic appearance.

A typical visit to see our Edmond dentist would consists of consulting with the dentist one-on-one and the dentist taking x-rays. If you’re a candidate for dentures, an impression of your mouth will be made to ensure the best fit for your dentures. While your dentures are being made at the lab, you may be fitted with temporaries, but it won’t be long before you’ll be called in to try out your new, custom teeth!

Are you ready to put in a smile worth showing off to your friends and family? Are you ready to eat the foods you miss?

Our Edmond dentist is here to help. If you would like to make an appointment to see our dentist, or you have any questions, please click here or call 405-330-5458.

Clear Braces- Edmond Dentist

Edmond Dentist Explains Clear Braces Vs. Metal Braces

Edmond Dentist With The Clear Braces Option

There are many types of braces offered in the world of orthodontics. The most commonly known type of braces are the metal ones. The second most popular type of braces have quickly become the clear braces. Today, our Edmond dentist is going to give you a little comparison between the two. Perhaps, knowing the pros and cons will help you make a decision about which type of braces would be best for you or someone in your family.

Metal Braces

These type of braces consist of metal brackets and wires. They are what the majority of people would picture when they hear the term “braces” being used in regards to correcting imperfections in teeth placement.

Here are some pros to utilizing metal braces:

  • Treatment can be quicker than other options.
  • Modern wires and brackets are much smaller than a handful of years ago.
  • New heat-activated arch-wires use body heat to help teeth move more quickly.
  • Colored bands can be used to express your own individualization.

# 1 Con:

  • Metal braces are very noticeable, have wires subject to poking your mouth, and can be painful.

Clear Braces

ClearCorrect© or “clear braces” are a system that allows the patient to wear clear, plastic aligners over their teeth without metal or wires. The aligners are removable and will be replaced with new ones in a few weeks.

Here are some pros to utilizing clear braces:

  • Patients can eat or drink whatever they want (with removal or aligners).
  • The aligners are nearly invisible.
  • Gentle pressure allows your teeth to move in a less painful manner.
  • There’s no need to worry about broken brackets or wires.

# 1 Con:

  • Not everyone is a good candidate to wear clear braces.

Find out if you’re a good candidate!

The best way to find out if ClearCorrect© can be used to treat your orthodontic issues is to have a consultation with our Edmond dentist. This consultation will consist of an examination and a discussion about your goals to achieve a better smile. To get started, give our Edmond dentist a call at 405-330-5458!