Tooth Pain- Dentist Edmond

Dentist Edmond Provides A Few Reasons For Tooth Pain: Part 2

Dentist Edmond: Temporary Tooth Pain Symptoms & Solutions

Do you have tooth pain? Is it causing you to be distracted? No one likes having pain in their mouth, especially if it interrupts their eating habits. In part one of this series, our dentist in Edmond explained how tooth pain stems from nerves inside a tooth’s pulp chamber. We also spoke about 2 possible reasons for your tooth pain and a few things you could do to temporarily reduce the pain. While there is not a simple answer as to what may be causing your pain, today, our dentist in Edmond is going to go over 2 more possibilities.

1.) Dull ache and pressure in upper teeth and/or sinus are: Have you ever felt your upper gums hurt after crying? This is due to the fact that the sinus area uses the same nerves as the upper teeth. Similar pain can be felt when you have a cold, the flu, or allergies. It’s possible your pain is nothing more than illness, but it’s important to rule out the possibility of you being a teeth grinder. This can happen while one sleeps! If you don’t already know this about yourself, scheduling an appointment with our dentist in Edmond or your local dentist will help you determine if clenching or grinding is playing a role in your pain.

2.) Severe pain, pressure, or swelling of the gums: If this is the pain you’re feeling, it could be the result of an infected or abscessed area that has spread from the pulp into the periodontal tissues and bone. Ibuprofen may help ease the pain until you can make it to a dentist. The best solution is to make an appointment with either our dentist in Edmond or your local dentist. It may be important to note that a root canal may be necessary.

Sometimes circumstances prevent you from being able to make a dentist appointment right away and we understand that temporary pain relief is necessary. As mentioned in part one of this series, our dentist in Edmond wants you to remain safe and we want you to know that you should never use aspirin between your tooth and gum to relieve pain, because the dissolving aspirin can actually harm your gum tissue. Stay safe and take care of your teeth as soon as you can!

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Tooth Pain- Dentist Edmond

Dentist Edmond Provides A Few Reasons For Tooth Pain: Part 1

Dentist Edmond: Temporary Tooth Pain Symptoms & Solutions

It can be difficult to concentrate on daily life activities when you’re in pain, especially if it’s from tooth pain. You may find that you tend to favor one side while chewing due to having pain on the other. This pain isn’t actually the tooth itself, of course, but instead it is caused by nerves inside a tooth’s pulp chamber. Unfortunately, one person’s tooth pain may be for a completely different reason than the next. While there is no cookie cutter answer as to what may be causing it, today, our dentist in Edmond is going to go over 2 possibilities for your tooth pain.

1.) Sensitivity to hold or cold foods and beverages: This could be caused by debris sitting in a small decayed area of the tooth, a loose filling, or an exposed root surface. Until you can schedule an appointment with either our dentist in Edmond or someone in your local area, the best thing to do is to keep your teeth clean from plaque, but only use a soft toothbrush. Consider using toothpaste specifically formulated for sensitive teeth.

2.) Sharp pain when biting down: This could be the result of a cracked tooth, deep tooth decay, or loose fillings. It could also be that something is lodged between two teeth. If it is the latter problem, paying attention to your routine teeth cleanings will help. If it’s anything more serious, it’s best to see a dentist. Our dentist in Edmond is available if you need to schedule an appointment. Taking care of decay and fillings is important, because if left untreated the pain could worsen along with the damage.

While you wait to see the dentist, we know that you’ll be trying to find methods to relieve your pain. Our dentist in Edmond wants you to remain safe, therefore; as an important note it should be stated that you should never utilize aspirin between your tooth and gum to relieve pain, because the dissolving aspirin can actually harm your gum tissue. Stay safe and take care of your teeth as soon as you can!

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Flossing Tips From Our Dentist in Edmond

Dentist Edmond: Are You Flossing Properly?

Let’s be honest, flossing properly is actually a bit more tricky than you’d think. Are you doing it properly? Many people wonder whether they are flossing correctly, often enough, and with the correct flossing instrument. If you’re tired of feeling ashamed and getting lectured by your dental hygienist at every dental appointment, this post is for you! It may seem like a daunting task to get your hands all the way in the back or to apply a proper technique, but with some help you may be able to pull it off. Our dentist in Edmond is here to provide you with flossing tips!

Dentist Edmond Tip # 1: Grab about 18-24 inches of floss. This is how much is recommended by the ADA. Put the ends around your index and middle fingers.

Dentist Edmond Tip # 2: Get the floss between the teeth and all the way up to the gum-line. Do not shove the floss as this can cause injury to your gums. Be kind to yourself! Gently “wrap” your tooth with the floss in a “c” shape. Use an up and down and back and forth (or zig-zag) motion to get all those surfaces.

Dentist Edmond Tip # 3: Once all of your teeth are squeaky clean, rinse your mouth very well. After all, you did just clean out a lot of bacteria from under your gums.

This sounds easy enough, right? Our dentist in Edmond knows that not everyone can handle standard floss and if you’re one of those types know that there are lots of other options out there to help you achieve your flossing goals. You may need to consider using handheld flossers, instead.

The technique with these flossers are similar, but it gives you the luxury of not having to struggle getting around those back teeth and hard to reach places. Additionally, all of the major dental companies have created water flossers or air flossers as well. The water and air flossers are easy to use, gentle and incredibly effective. If you have a lot of bridge, crown work, or braces there is a special floss to get around those wires to keep your gums healthy!

Remember, flossing is the most effective way to keep plaque out of your gum tissue and off of your teeth in between your dental cleanings. Research your options and start flossing!

Of course, we love making sure patients have clean teeth with a thorough flossing to finish. If you’re looking to get your teeth cleaned professionally, please feel free to contact us for an appointment by clicking here.

valentine's day- Dentist Edmond

Dentist Edmond: Offering A Healthy Mouth For Valentine’s Day

Dentist Edmond: Providing Clean, Kissable Mouths For Valentine’s Day

It’s almost that special time of year again when everyone wonders what to get that someone special for Valentine’s Day. Here’s a news flash; not everyone wants a box of chocolates, toys, or a bouquet of flowers this February. Our dentist in Edmond understands! Whether you’re giving a 5 year old, your spouse, or your significant other a special Valentine’s Day surprise, chances are you may share a kiss or two. While retailers love to push their traditional gifts upon you, most of you would be far more impressed with something more intimate and what’s more important than having a healthy mouth when you’re giving out kisses?

No one wants to be kissed by anyone with bad oral hygiene and we’d hope no one wants to be the one giving kisses with bad oral hygiene, either. Truthfully, you should always strive to maintain a healthy mouth, but Valentine’s Day is a special time to consider getting your teeth cleaned, whitened, or restored. Our dentist in Edmond offers services in all of these areas!

Once you’ve finished making your smile as attractive as you can with dental treatments there are several tips you can follow to keep your smile looking bright. Here’s a short list our dentist in Edmond came up with:

  • Reduce the amount of sugary foods you eat
  • Reduce the amount of acidic foods you eat
  • Brush at least twice daily with fluoride toothpaste
  • Drink plenty of water (preferably fluoridated)

Our dentist in Edmond recommends eating a well balanced diet of lean proteins, complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, nuts, and fiber, as well. If you feel the need to freshen your breath with a mint studies say to choose one with Xylitol in it as this ingredient has been proven to reduce your odds of getting cavities.

If you’d like to make sure you have a healthy mouth before Valentine’s Day, feel free to get in contact with our pediatric dentist by clicking here.


Dentist Edmond Provides Ideas To Make Dental Visits Enjoyable: Part 2

Dentist Edmond: Helping children have fun

In part one of this series our dentist in Edmond talked about how choosing the right dentist can make a big difference for children to feel comfortable receiving dental care. We also touched on one way to make your child feel good about their good dental hygiene progress with a sticker chart. Today, our dentist in Edmond is going to list 2 more ideas that can help you make dental visits more enjoyable.

As we absolutely love making children and parents realize that coming to the dentist doesn’t have to be so bad, here are 2 more ideas to allow your children to have fun with dentistry.

1.) Allow For Fun Costume Wearing: What could make a visit to the dentist feel like the most fun event possible? Wearing a superhero or princess costume, of course! Consider letting your little ones get creative with their dentist office outfits to make visiting the dentist a blast. They’ll always look forward to tossing on that cape or princess dress when the next check-up comes around!

2.) Plan A Fun Outing Reward: For children that may be beyond the “sticker chart” phase you could take positive reinforcement a step further and offer up a fun outing as reward for your child’s hard work in maintaining great oral hygiene. Fun trips to a museum, indoor play areas, or a trip to the movies could spark interest in your children to brush and floss according to plan!

We know some parents aren’t fans of the dentist, themselves, but that can be changed! In time you will see that our office isn’t like most. We’d love the opportunity to make you and your children feel more comfortable about visiting our family-friendly dentist in Edmond.

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Dentist Edmond Provides Ideas To Make Dental Visits Enjoyable: Part 1

Dentist Edmond: Helping children have fun

Our dentist in Edmond loves making children and parents realize that coming to the dentist doesn’t have to be so bad! In fact, we strive to make you forget about the work being done and just relax as much as possible, but there are a few things parents can do to help calm their children prior to coming to the office.

In part one of this series, our dentist in Edmond is going to list 2 ideas to help you make dental visits more enjoyable.

1.) Choose The Right Dentist: First of all, choosing to visit a dentist that actually cares for making small children feel welcome at their office does make a difference in the experience. We’re family oriented and love to take care of families. So, if you or your child is afraid of the dentist, let us take care of you!

2.) Create A “Dental Health Chart”: Making a “good dental health” sticker chart is a good way to positively reinforce your child’s efforts to maintain good oral hygiene. Perhaps, putting a stick to show how well they’ve brushed their teeth or maintained flossing will help prevent those cavities that they’re so afraid of the dentist finding.

Pinterest is a great place to start looking for ideas if you’re not crafty or creative without a jump start!

There’s something terrifying for people about the “unknown”. As patients aren’t able to really see what’s happening in their mouth while at the dentist, it’s possible that this is part of where the fear stems from. Sometimes, children have bad experiences and that turns into grown-ups that hate going to the dentist.

We’d love the opportunity to make you and your children feel more comfortable about visiting our family-friendly dentist in Edmond. If you’d like to make an appointment, please call 405-330-5458.


Dentist Edmond: Saving Teeth From Holiday Treats

Dentist Edmond: Approach To Holiday Sweets

We know this time of year the holiday favorites are going to everywhere you look. It may be hard to say no to those sweet, tasty treats and we’re not here to preach and tell you not to enjoy them. What our dentist in Edmond will do, however; is provide you some tips for saving your teeth from becoming the victims of those holiday treats.

When you eat sugary goodies it can lead to plaque sitting on your teeth and then the more sugar you eat, the more the plaque grows. The leading culprit in this battle is sugar! So, it makes sense that you should try to cut back on the amount of sugar you intake, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up your favorite holiday treats all together.

Here’s the easiest way to approach holiday sweets differently: Use half the amount of white, cane sugar to your recipes when baking. Instead, consider enhancing the sweetness of your baked goods in other ways with all natural sweeteners like vanilla, nutmeg, or cinnamon.

Of course, our dentist in Edmond would also recommend that you brush your teeth as often as possible after consuming sugary foods. Doing so is the best way to prevent the sugar from settling down on your teeth. If you’re going to be out and about, consider taking along a travel toothbrush to maintain good dental health.

On behalf of Phillip Gray DDS, our dentist in Edmond wishes you a wonderful holiday season. May you all be able to eat your favorite foods and be merry! We hope that by following these simple tips you can have your cake and eat it, too, without the worry of creating cavities!

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Dentist Edmond: Repairing A Dislodged Tooth

Dentist Edmond: Helping With Dental Emergencies

You can attempt to prevent wrestling or normal kid behavior all you want, but there may be times when accidents occur regardless. Traumatic dental injuries often occur in accidents or sports-related injuries, but sometimes something like a dislodged tooth can happen from roughhousing. Children are often known for being rambunctious and this activity can be the cause for less frequent, but more severe injuries such as a dislodged tooth which may simply be loosened. When it comes to treating this dental emergency our dentist in Edmond is prepared!

In the event that something like this should happen to you or your child a visit to our family-friendly dentist in Edmond should be an immediate plan. Call and make an appointment and we’ll try to get you in as soon as possible. Prior to arriving to our office, we recommend using a cold compress and over-the-counter medications to relieve pain. Do not attempt to pull the tooth out on your own as doing so could cause further complications!

Once you arrive at our dental office, get checked in, and get called back, our dentist will take a closer look to see if the dislodged tooth is still attached to the blood vessels and nerves. When a dislodged or loosened tooth remains attached it makes it less likely for root canal therapy to be utilized. Instead, our dentist may be able to reposition the tooth and add splints to stabilize it.

It is important to note that in the event that a dislodged tooth does not heal properly, a root canal might be required. Of course, we’ll properly prepare you for this procedure before jumping right in.

If you look for “dentist Edmond” we’d be happy if you picked our office to visit! If you have questions, a dental emergency, or concerns about any of our dental procedures, please contact our dentist at 405-330-5458.


Dentist Edmond: Thankful To Be Treating Families

Dentist Edmond: The Love Of Providing Good Dentistry

When you think about what you’re thankful in the next week or so things that come to mind may include family, friends, and food! Our dentist in Edmond loves all of these things, too, but today our focus of gratitude goes to dentistry. It’s the perfect time of year to reflect on what we all have to be grateful for in our lives. While our dentist in Edmond is thankful all year long for the opportunity to provide good dentistry to families, we’ve decided to take this week to talk a bit about why there’s so much joy in this line of work.

Some people may not think that digging around inside of others people’s mouths would be such a fun job to have, but truthfully the most satisfying thing about treating dental patients is making them leave their fear of the dentist behind! From the moment patients walk into the door at our dental office we love to make a difference.

Our dentist in Edmond loves being able to talk to the patients, get to know what makes them feel calmer, and work towards providing the best experience possible. Giving patients a positive outlook on coming to the dentist is the best way our dentist in Edmond can think of to make an impact for a lifetime.

Second to making people feel comfortable coming to the dentist our dentist loves being able to make patients happy with their own smiles. Our goal is to have patients leave the office feeling better about their smile before they walked in! We hope that your smiles are important to you and that if you’ve had the chance to be our patient that you’re thankful the work we’ve been able to complete for you.

Our dentist in Edmond hopes you have a Happy Thanksgiving! Should you have any questions or need to schedule an appointment after the holiday, feel free to call our office at 405-330-5458 or click here.


Dentist Edmond: The Possible Removal Of Wisdom Teeth

Dentist Edmond: When Wisdom Teeth Become Problematic

Third molars, also known as “wisdom teeth” are usually the last teeth that appear. The science varies on when these teeth usually grow for most people. As our dentist in Edmond will tell you, the truth is it’s just a matter of when it happens for you. Some people get their wisdom teeth at a young age, while some others get them in adulthood. If you don’t grow any, then you have nothing to worry about as this is just something that doesn’t happen for every person. The problem for those that do have them comes along when pain due to crowding or impacted wisdom teeth occurs.

Do you have crowding?

It can be damaging when wisdom teeth start growing in if there isn’t enough room for them to align properly. Even if they happen to grow in the upright position it’s possible for them to push the existing teeth forward. This can force some teeth to overlap or appear crooked. In these types of cases our dentist in Edmond would recommend the removal of your wisdom teeth to prevent further damage.

Are they impacted?

Impacted wisdom teeth are named as such, because they are blocked from growing in properly. Often, these teeth remain below the surface of the gums and lie horizontally rather than in the upright position. This is most likely due to not having enough room to grow. Allowing an impacted wisdom tooth to remain as is promotes plaque and bacteria to build up which can lead to the development of cavities. Additionally, infections can occur making it a much more painful experience. Of course, our dentist in Edmond would recommend removal of impacted wisdom teeth for the safety of our patient!

When your wisdom teeth become problematic don’t hesitate to give our dentist in Edmond a call. We look forward to providing the best dental care possible and getting your back to a state of comfort rather than pain.

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