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Dentist Edmond: So you think you can floss?

Flossing is tricky, and as we get into the holidays (with all it’s feasts and sugary food) proper dental care is even more crucial to maintaining healthy teeth. But it seems like we’re always ill prepared to properly floss our teeth. Are we doing it enough? Are we using the right instruments? Why is my […]

Dentist Edmond: Do You Have Sensitive Teeth?

Dentist In Edmond Sharing About Sensitive Teeth  Have you ever taken a bite of something really hot or super cold and noticed a painful experience? This is only one sign of having sensitive teeth. Eating , drinking, and simple teeth brushing tasks can be challenging for some patients with if they are in this predicament. […]

Dentist Edmond: Explanation Of The Condition Called Thrush

Dentist Edmond: Revealing Information On Thrush Did you wake up one morning and notice a strange, white coating inside your mouth? If so, a condition called thrush may have developed. Today, our dentist in Edmond is going to discuss the symptoms of thrush, how it is normally treated, and how to prevent thrush in the […]

Dentist Edmond: An Inside Look At Periodontal Pockets

Dentist Edmond: Providing Insight About Teeth & Gums During a routine examination, our dentist in Edmond will be on the lookout for anything out of the ordinary. One of these things may be periodontal pockets which can develop around teeth at times. You may wonder if these periodontal pockets are something to be concerned about […]

Dentist Edmond: Why You Should Choose Sugarless Gum

Dentist Edmond: How You Can Chew Gum And Prevent Cavities Some people like to chew gum as a way to prevent snacking on other things they shouldn’t be eating, to help kick their smoking habit, or perhaps it’s just a habit to chew gum. No matter what your reason for wanting to chew gum, you […]

Dentist Edmond: Come Visit Us At Our New Location!

Dentist Edmond: We Have Officially Moved! Dr. Gray and his team have been so excited about the development of our new office building which began late 2016 and it has finally been completed. Each month we watched in anticipation as progress was made and with each passing month we got a little happier. Here’s a […]